Tales from the Towers: Chapter 68 – Conundrum4399小游戏在线玩无需下载首页软件

If you are a science fiction fan, you would recognize this word.  Either way, it’s pretty much the predicament many of us are in.  I’ve been writing these articles for a long time.  Our company has been both lucky and successful these last few years.  For the near future, I’m pretty comfortable with our direction, […]

Tales from the Towers: Chapter 67 – It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood4399小游戏在线玩无需下载安卓二维码

Triad Wireless has been fortunate enough to have tremendous growth in the last few years. A few reasons: our location, our competitors not investing in their infrastructure, great staff, and some of it has to do with manufacturers bringing out better equipment. But the most important reason for our success is our being a good neighbor. People […]

Tales from the Towers: Chapter 66 – Sync or Swim4399小游戏在线玩无需下载官方网址

GPS sync, TDMA, kids in 3rd grade class, what do they all have in common? They are all designed to make someone take their turn. Imagine what a classroom would be like if every kid spoke at the same time (yea, I’m sure some teachers think they do anyway). Synchronization from an AP was a […]

Tales from the Towers: Chapter 65 – Picky, Picky4399小游戏在线玩无需下载首页软件

Dumping time or as I like to call it, “what the heck were the engineers drinking when they came up with this”. Then again, it should also read, “business people really need a second opinion when engineers bring something for their approval. Sometimes the chasm between what engineers think is a good idea and the […]

Tales from the Towers: Chapter 64 – Migrate or Migraine, pretty much the same thing4399小游戏在线玩无需下载app网址

This article is going to be specific to migration from Ubiquiti to Mimosa in one area that is perfect for Mimosa and still has hundreds of Ubiquiti outdoor radios operating. We aren’t abandoning Ubiquiti. We opened up new areas last year with them, hundreds of miles of area coincidentally, right next to our Mimosa deployments. […]

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